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Is there a time limit for holding a leverage position on USDT Future?

I'm referring to the USD Margin for perpetual futures trade

1 answer
Unfortunately there isn't any information about a time limit for holding a leverage position on USDT Future. If you have any concerns, better contact Binance customer service via online support form.

Buy currency

by Susan M Tvi

I want to buy direct currency in a friend's wallet in Asia through my bank account in Sweden.

Can you help me with that?

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I am a US resident and I have 5.550 XMR in binance


Will you please give me step by step instructions how I can somehow move those funds to my coin base account? I do not have the same bank that you have on file. I actually have the same bank account but the routing number has changed due to my original bank sold out.

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How to contract someone from to return Tronix ERC20 tokens

Unfornately I sent old Tronix ERC20 tokens to my Ether address in by mistake. They do not support Tronix and is did not show up on Binance but transaction is visable on Etherscan.

Who can I talk to to reveres the transaction back to my ledger wallet? Thanks

1 answer
You should be able to contact the Binance customer care team:
  • via the live chat at;
  • via the company's social networks.

Sent Tether to a Bitcoin address on another exchange platform

by Eddy S Ofu

Hello, i sent Tether to a bitcoin address on coinbase by mistake. Is it possible to retrieve them back?

I have disabled my Binance account if it helps.

Kindly advise if possible to retrieve them. I made use of the OMNI channel to do the transaction.

0 answers

Funds went missing.

by Daniel W Dku

Hi! My name i Daniel Wigum.

Today i used binance to send (0.5279**** BNB). I accidentaly sent my BNB tokens to the wrong address.

The address i sent the funds to is a contract address for another crypto token (SPE). Is it possible to get my BNB back to my binance account?

And why does binance allow sending to contract addresses in the first place?? That should not be allowed.

I have already been in contact with the (SPE) team and they said i should contact binance directly.

Addres i sent it to:




My account Information:


User ID:


Kind regards.

Daniel Wigum

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Help me to transfer coins

by Tarah S Izt

It's saying that I have to get a different platform to use in the US can you please help me switch over?

0 answers

I need to withdrawal my money

by Kerin Mjd

I am a u.s. citizen and I have 3000 dollars in tron on my binance account.

I would like to withdraw or transfer what I have in binance, to binance u.s. . Binace will not let me do anything because I am a u.s.

citizen.. what can I do?

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Verification of account

by Elisaveta M


When i made my registration i put my names in cirillyc and now i have a problem with depositing money. What should i do to fix this problem?

Best regards,

Elisaveta Mincheva

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Pls how can I be able to restore my p2p account

I wanted to transfer from my p2p to spot and it said my account has been disabled I should contact customers support

1 answer
According to the Binance help section, to reactivate the account you should follow these steps:
  • go to;
  • click the 'Log In' button;
  • click 'Start answering questions';
  • answer the following series of questions and follow the onscreen instructions;
  • once complete, if answered in accordance with their policy and the information they have on file, your account should be reactivated.

Mistaken shipping address

by Yanitsa C

Hello, I noticed that the address where Binance had to send me my Binance Visa Card is mistaken and apparentely this is the reason that I still do not receive it. Could you please tell me what should I do in this case?

0 answers

I have been scammed can you retrieve the money

I have a trading account with a company called Capital Funds. The trader called and suggested an arbitrage deal so I allowed them access to my account to transfer funds from binance to this account.

Now the funds are in neither account but the details of where they went are in the transfer history. Can you help me to retrieve these funds

1 answer
Unfortunately, Binance does not provide any information about if they can help retrieve the money on the company website. Please contact the Binance customer care team for assistance. You should be able to reach out to them via the support form at

Wo hin schicke ich den neuen Personalausweis ? Sind die 50.000.- € angekommen ?

by Sabine M Yzh

Geld kam von der Binance Bank zurück. Wir haben es nochmals überwiesen.

Wenn es nicht funktioniert muss ich eine andere Bank finden. Bitte um schnelle Hilfe !!

0 answers

I am unable to transfer my fund from Binance.

by Ignacio M Nry

I am unable to transfer my fund from Binance. It says function has been disable due to risk mitigation but I'm in this is situation for more than 1 fay.

Can you plese tell me what to do? It's urgent

0 answers

How do i reset my yubikey 2fa? It doesn’t work anymore.

I reset my yubikey and now I can’t get into my account. There is no reset 2fa button so I need help from support

1 answer
Unfortunately, Binance does not provide any information about how to reset YubiKey on the company website.
, according to the comments posted at, if you lost your YubiKey, you should contact the Binance customer care team for assistance. You should be able to reach out to them via the support form at

How can i get my refund

I but some USDT on the 19th of March, and till today the guy hasn't released my crypto. After I made my payment he told me that he can't find my name on his dashboard again that I should cancel the order and make another order of the same amount with him then he will release the coin and after I did that I couldn't find his name is the seller dashboard again and ever since then I have been calling his number but he his not picking up my calls, until on the 23rd I saw his name on the seller page about to sell another USDT that's half of my money then I clicked on buy then I appeal immediately and I reported to Balance CS but ever since then the Customer Service hasn't said anything yet rill Now. 2 days ago the guy called me to release his crypto that I put on appeal, he told me to cancel the appeal that when next he make another order that is up to my money I should then make another order that is exactly my money then he will release my crypto to me and I told him that I cantcancel the appeal until he released my crypto and the he said that means he will never release the crypto until I cancel the appeal.

1 answer
According to the Binance help section, if you cannot reach an agreement with a seller, your appeal should get a pending status. You will need to wait for Binance customer support’s assistance. They should contact both parties and start arbitrage.

How can get my BNB in Binance in my asset section

I have transfer 0.5 BNB from wazirx to Binance. and then I deposit 0.02 BNB from Binance to my trust wallet.

Balance is 0.03 BNB in Binance, but thers is not showing the balance of 0.03 BNB. In dash board there is no balance of BNB. Where is my BNB of 0.03 BNB please search Where is my BNB.

Regards. Mrs Malliga.

1 answer
According to the Binance help section, you should be able to see the balance of your wallet in the Assets.
To get detailed information about your balance, please contact the Binance customer care team via the live chat at

My spot account is disabled. Now I can't trade and Also I can't withdraw.


My spot account has been disabled but customer support team has never reply to my email and life Chat can't do anything. I really want to know the reason for that? Since 25th no solution.

0 answers

How can I verify my basic id?

1 answer
According to the Binance help section, to complete identity verification you should follow these steps:
  • log in to your account at;
  • click User Center - Identification;
  • click Verify;
  • choose the nationality and click Start;
  • enter your personal information and click Continue;
  • click Go to Advanced Verification to continue;
  • upload pictures of your ID documents;
  • click the picture area to take the picture and then click Submit & Continue;
  • click Begin Verification to finish facial verification.

Where is the money that I deposited from my bank.

On Friday 19th - Sat 20th March 2021 I deposited £1000 GBP to Binance account no 7965**** Sort code 04-13-07 with a reference of 7655 as requested by Binance. Still today there is no money in my wallet and I've repeatedly sent messages on the chat and I've not had 1 response. Please can someone respond to me before I take stronger action.

1 answer
According to the Binance help section, you can only deposit funds from a bank account with the exact same name as your registered Binance account.

If the transfer is made from a bank account with a different name, the bank transfer will not be accepted. Once you deposit through bank transfer, you should wait for the final results of your account verification.
If approved, the corresponding deposits should be automatically credited to your account. If your account verification is rejected, the funds should be returned to your bank account within 7 business days.
To get more information about your account, please contact the Binance customer care team via the support form at
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